• A set of transducer modules installed in the operation room surround
• A mobile unit handle attached to any operating tool, with a micro transceiver module
• A central portable workstation with fast image processing and control units and a large fast graphic display, supported by a unique image processing software.
• A dedicated imaging software for real time inspection and preplanning of procedure
• Spectaquilar provides a product aimed at treating significant unmet medical needs.
• Spectaquilar product is based on disruptive technology that emerges from out-of-the-box thinking.
• Spectaquilar product is market focused – it targets a multi-billion dollar therapeutic medical devices market.
• Spectaquilar product can be allianced with leading medical device corporations.
• Spectaquilar provides a lean operation business process, based on lean and effective implementation of detailed, data-driven work plan with marketting strategy.


• We are Fast Accurate and Calibration Free
• We ofer Real time display of tool on MRI/CT slices.
• We Free Scanner for other users (Scan & Go)
• Permanent installation in operating room allows flexible use of room by other practitioners
• Versatile handle adaptors (fits to various interventional tools)
• Can be easily combined with procedures under ultrasoundNo need for direct line of sight
• Does not require lengthy calibration procedures
• Protective/Preventivef orward planning preview
• Insensitive to body Impedances
• Compatible with ISM band standards
• Inspection supportring/arm/device manually or remotely operated

NavoSpect ® – A light and user friendly hand held mobile unit with control pad for procedure control.

SpectAMed ® – A highly sophisticatd tracking software for real time navigation of needle.