• Breast biopsies • Prostate: Mapping biopsies and focal therapies • Renal Cell Carcinoma treatment • Brain biopsies, tumor ablation
• Positioning and implanting DBS electrodes • Head and neck tumors – biopsy and therapy • Spinal lesion biopsy and therapy • Primary and Secondary Liver tumors
• Bone tumors – benign and metastatic, including Osteoid osteoma • Pancreatic tumor – palliative treatment • Extra peritoneal tumors (biopsy & therapy)
• Ablation of symptomatic uterine fibroids that cannot easily be managed by hysteroscopy • Neuroblastomas • Geometrical Measurements (position, volume)


Over 100,000 operating rooms around the world which are at top level hospitals equipped with dedicated MRI/CT. The system can be fixed at any operating room. Total diagnostics market size is estimated at 18 billion US$.

Scan & Go

We are introducing the new concept of Scan and Go whereby patients are scanned once and released from scanner. They may then come for biopsy procedure based on their scanned images and where our system correlates their scanned images with their current position at procedure room. This novel concept will relieve scanners for next patients, and allow patients to be released and come back to biopsy procedure at another day and another location.

Parallel Ultrasound & MRI/CT

We are introducing the new concept of Parallel Ultrasound and MRI whereby conventional ultrasound image follows needle and at the same time same needle is being tracked on MRI/CT images. This novel method elevates the yet unaccomplished complicated technique of image fusion.